The following is a set of instructions to extend the Guest Pass for your Guest's vehicle. Please note that this guide will only function if the Guest Pass you need an extension for has days available in it. Otherwise, you will need to seek approval from your community's Property Management company for your Guest to have an extended stay:

  • Visit
  • Sign in to your account
  • From the "Dashboard", locate the left-hand side black menu and click on the “My Account” link
  • Scroll down to the “Active Guest Vehicles” section and click the “Extend Date” option in the drop-down menu under the “Action” column next to the Guest Vehicle you need to extend a Guest Pass for.
  • Select a new End Date

                    *You will only be able to use days that are available to this vehicle’s Guest Pass.

  • Hit the red “Save Changes” button

Once you complete these steps, the new expiration date will display under the "Extend Until" column next to that Guest Pass' original expiration date.