The Residents of your community, with an OnCall Parking Manager account that has all of its Parking Permits activated, can activate Guest Passes. However, the following items have limitations:

  1. Maximum number of Guest Passes at any given time.
  2. Maximum number of days for each pass at any given time.
  • If any of these Guest Vehicles are active/activated for the full allowable amount consecutively, the Parking Policy deems that as a vehicle owned by an individual who is attempting to live in the community without authorization.
  • As a result, these vehicles statuses will switch to "Restricted Guest Vehicle" for a period of time which is outlined in the Parking Policy upon the expiration of the Guest Pass you activate for it.

NOTE 1: Although each vehicles' days are reset at certain intervals, while a vehicle has an active Restriction, the new days cannot be used.

NOTE 2: Any Guest Pass you attempt to activate for the full allowable consecutive period, will not be allowed to be set until you click on the "I Understand" button in the message that appears explaining that the pass you are about to activate will cause the vehicle's status to switch to "Restricted Guest Vehicle" upon expiration.

Because our website is designed to adhere to your community's limitations, there is no way for OnCall Parking Manager to extend the time your Guest Passes will last or increase the maximum amount of vehicles you can activate passes for. But we do understand that there are circumstances that are out of your control when it comes to your visitors, their vehicles, the need to activate a Guest Pass for more time than the Parking Policy allows, or the need to activate more passes than the maximum. So, when a situation like that arises, your only option is to seek approval from the community's Property Management office for your Guest Vehicle(s) to have an extended stay or to activate more passes than is normally allowed.

For further information on please refer to your community's parking policy.