Please follow these instructions to update your current vehicle(s) or swap it(them) out by submitting a Vehicle Change Request:


1.) Visit

2.) Sign in to your account

3.) From the Dashboard, locate the left-hand side black menu and click on the “My Account” link

4.) Scroll down to the “Vehicle Info” section and, next to the vehicle(s) you want to edit, click the red “Update Vehicle” button

5.) Change all the details to show the new vehicle information and, if necessary, upload a picture of the required documents

6.) Hit the red “Submit” button


Once you have completed these steps, your new vehicle information will appear directly below the vehicle you’re replacing with the phrase “Under Management Review Vehicle Replacement Request” next to it. Remember, you are replacing a vehicle so, the E-Permit from the replaced vehicle will transfer to this new vehicle. Be sure to have it activated if it isn't already.

 Once approved, the old vehicle will disappear. If your community uses them, our office will be prompted to issue a new Permit Sticker for this vehicle. In the future please perform these same actions when making any changes to your resident vehicles.