Please follow these instructions to register a Guest Vehicle to your account:


1.) Visit

2.) Sign in to your account

3.) From the Dashboard, locate the left-hand side black menu and click on the “My Account” link

4.) Scroll down to the “Active Guest Vehicles” section and click the red “+Add” button

5.) Input all the required details

· License Plate Number

· Vehicle Type

· Year

· Make

· Model

· Color

6.) Select the Start Date

7.) Select the End Date

8.) Hit the red “Add Vehicle” button


Note: If you are registering a future guest pass (any pass that doesn't start on the date of your registration), you have the ability to set the start time of the pass for that day. The end time will mirror the same time as the start time.

Once you complete these steps, your guest’s vehicle information, along with the start and end dates, will appear in the “Active Guest Vehicles” section. You will also receive a confirmation e-mail that tells you all this information as well.